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Daily Archives: March 6, 2017

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Coke ad sparks controversy

Coca-Cola has just debuted a new ad that many are celebrating as gay-friendly, and it’s generating a lot of feedback online.  On Thursday, the soft-drink giant released its latest spot “Pool Boy” as part the brand’s #TasteTheFeeling campaign. In the commercial, a young woman is seen ogling her family’s pool cleaner — dressed in open […]

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Letterman makes fun of Trump

David Letterman thinks today’s late night TV hosts are too soft on President Donald Trump. The retired “Late Night” host said in a wide-ranging interview with Vulture that he would have handled an interview with Trump a bit differently than current host Jimmy Fallon did. Letterman discussed the playful moment when Fallon tousled Trump’s hair during an […]

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Irina too sexy for her role?

Ukrainian actress Irina Dvorovenko almost didn’t land a role in “The Americans” because she was “too sexy” for the part. “I auditioned three times for this. I wanted a part that had nothing to do with dancing,” the former American Ballet Theatre principal told the New York Post. After weeks went by, the ballerina said […]

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Check backgrounds free online

Suppose a new guy — let’s call him Bobby Smith — moves into your neighborhood. Even before his moving van is unpacked, Bobby introduces himself. He’s friendly and good-humored, and he says you should come over for a barbecue sometime. But there’s something “off” about him, so you decide to find out more — his […]

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How to work out on your couch

You don’t have to drive across town to a high-end gym to score a great workout. And, honestly, sometimes, you shouldn’t even try. “Time is biggest obstacle standing in between most people and their workouts,” Chris Freytag Chris Freytag, C.P.T., founder of Get Healthy U TV, told Fox News. “But working out at home is […]

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Playboy model a KGB spy?

A Russian Playboy model claims she was recently detained by US agents on arrival in LA — because they thought she was a spy. Victoria Bonya, 37, said in online posts that she was grilled after airport agents rooting through her luggage found a business card for Spy-Land, a company that specializes in hidden cameras. […]

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‘Kong’ could have killed cast

The star-studded cast of “Kong: Skull Island” might’ve battled everything from giant squids to vicious gorillas but the thing that scared them the most was a book given to them by an Aussie. The book in question was actually the safety information given to the actors before they headed to Australia warning them of everything […]

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New way to build cars

3D printers are great at making small items, but what about large car parts? Ford is trying to scale up automotive 3D printing with tests of a massive Stratasys Infinite Build 3D printer. Installed at the automaker’s Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn, Michigan, Ford says the machine is capable of making most large, one-piece […]

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Indian Super League: Chennaiyin FC part ways with head coach Marco Materazzi

The former World Cup winner remains the most successful coach in ISL history with maximum wins.

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Al-Azhar Monthly Magazine distributes detailed report booklets on legality of ‘Verbal Divorce’

Cairo – The issue of verbal divorce has been hotly debated over the past two months between the political and religious establishments.  This sensitive issue has given rise to much speculation on what it might cause between the two state bodies.

Muslims have agreed on the legitimacy of verbal divorce since Prophet Mohamed’s era. According to Sharia, i.e. Islamic Law, Muslim men can terminate marriage verbally as well as finalize the divorce without the wife’s knowledge. This is what ‘verbal divorce’ is all about. 

On 24 January, al-Sisi said on the eve of the Police Day that rate of divorce among young people is quite high. During his televised speech, Al-Sisi addressed Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyb, Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam, saying: “Can’t we have a law that makes divorce valid only when documented, like marriage?”

The President was proposing that a law should be put in place for more official divorce measures, and that both the husband and wife should be involved in the process by visiting a public notary in order to proceed with the divorce. This might also give them some time to reconsider the decision.

Two weeks later, however, Al-Azhar-affiliated Council of Senior Scholars has ‘unanimously’ ruled that ‘verbal divorce’ has been well established by Islamic scholars through solid legal evidence, and it would not necessarily affect divorce rates as proposed by the president. 

Yet the ebb-and-flow debate has not come to a close.  In the new edition of Al-Azhar Monthly Magazine, the Council of Senior Scholars issued a report on the validity of the verbal divorce in Islamic Sharia, titled: “Verbal Divorce: The Legal Ruling and Consequences”.  The report booklet was given away as a free gift with this month’s edition.

The report contains a detailed response to the 21 misconceptions leveled against their view and rebuttals to the opponent of the verbal divorce. They considered the entire problematic aspects enshrined in the counter-argument as “under the level of being legal grounds for abolishing the [long-entrenched] practice.

The report is broken down into three lengthy essays:

1. The Verbal Divorce by Prof. Dr. /Abbas Shomann, Undersecretary of Al-Azhar.

2. On the Ruling of Divorce from the Perspectives of Azhar, the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Constitutional Court by Dr. Rajai Atiya.

3. Verbal Divorce: Its Legal Ruling and Consequences by Dr. Sobh Hamdi Taha.

Dr. Sobh Hamdi Taha, a member of the Council, said that the Council held several meetings over the past two months. There has been a series of scholarly profound debates among senior Egyptian specialists of different Islamic schools of jurisprudence regarding the issue. The final judgment, he said, was passed with unanimous agreement, as follows: “ Verbal divorce takes effect once uttered by the husband on conditions of the free will and conscious state of mind that make the husband’s legally responsible and liable before Islamic Law.”

However, critics considered the report as yet another attempt by Al-Azhar’s Council to defy President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s call for restrictions on verbal divorce.

We would like to ask our readers to share their thoughts on the matter. Should verbal divorce be overruled? Has the President been right on his call? Has Al-Azhar been right on their stance? Do you trust the final judgement of the Council of Senior Scholars?

Please share with us what do you think on this story by posting your comments below or on our social media pages.