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Daily Archives: March 4, 2017

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La Liga Report: Karim Benzema puts Ronaldo-less Real Madrid back on top with a win against Eibar

Despite the absence of Ronaldo and Bale through injury and suspension respectively, Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane rested a host of other first-team regulars ahead of Tuesday`s Champions League last 16, return leg away to Napoli.

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Obama launched cyberwar to sabotage NKorea missile program: report – Yahoo News

Yahoo News

Obama launched cyberwar to sabotage NKorea missile program: report
Yahoo News
Former US president Barack Obama in 2014 launched a cyberwar against North Korea's missile program but it has failed to make significant gains, The New York Times reported Saturday. The United States still cannot effectively counter North Korea's
Will Trump continue Obama's cyber attacks on North Korea's missiles?Mashable
UN report shows North Korea using Africa to slip sanctionsTimes Colonist
US Waging Secret Cyber, Electronic War on North Korea's Missile ProgramSputnik International

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Bedouin young man shot dead by “Bayt Al Makdys” in Rafah

Sinai – On Wednesday, a Bedouin young man was shot dead by takfiri elements of “Ansar Bayt Al Makdys” terrorist group in Rafah.
Eye witnesses said that the dead body of this young man who was called ‘Gomaa Kaaoud’, 30, was found thrown beside Al-Masoura Square in the entrance of Rafah City after being kidnapped for a few days. 
This accident happened after the killing of two other young men in Rafah City, this week, one of them was burnt to death after his eyes had been uprooted and his name was ‘Ahmed Al Sakadra’ and the other was shot to death after being kidnapped from Saturday Market in Rafah and his name was ‘Mohamed Ayyad’.

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Sinai: Terrorists distribute threatening leaflets to female students who do not wear veils

Sinai – elements “Ansar Bayt Al Makdis” terrorist group, on Tuesday, broke into a school, called “Al-Matalla” in the village “Al-Matalla” in southern Rafah and Al-Azhar Institute female students in the village, demanding the girls to wear the veil and to get out and walk in the company of a husband, a brother, a son or a father, and distributed leaflets to them to do so, warning those who do not obey these orders with lashing, or with pouring burning water on their faces. 
Militants also distributed leaflets to the residents of Abi Sakl district near Al-Arish, ordering women and girls to do the same; otherwise, they will execute the prescribed penalties on violators. 
The militants have already stopped female workers in the cities of Rafah and Sheikh Zuwaid when they were coming from the city of Al Arish and ordered them to wear the veil, and to go to their work in the company of a husband, a son, a brother or a father and threatened them that they will flog the offenders and pour burning water on their faces.

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EPL Report: Leicester City clears Hull danger with Riyad Mahrez's goal; Manolo Gabbiadini helps Southampton escape Watford humiliation

It was the first time Mahrez had scored in open play in his last 28 league appearances. Leicester wrapped up the points in the final moments when Hull midfielder Huddlestone headed into his own net from Wilfred Ndidi`s flick.

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Picture catches Clinton reading newspaper story about Pence emails – Fox News

Fox News

Picture catches Clinton reading newspaper story about Pence emails
Fox News
Hillary Clinton, whose 2016 White House bid was set back by an email controversy, was seen in a photograph taken Friday intently looking at a newspaper story about Vice President Pence's email issues. Clinton while sitting in an airplane appears to be …
Pence gives 13 boxes of emails to state of IndianaThe Hill
Snap of Clinton reading Pence email headline goes viralReuters
Pence turns over to state 13 boxes of emails amid controversyIndianapolis Star
CBS News –WIRED –Indianapolis Star
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‘First chemical attack’ in Mosul battle

These siblings are victims of a chemical attack in so-called Islamic State’s last Iraqi stronghold.

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Sheikh Al-Azhar warns of risks of Islamophobia

Cairo – Grand Imam Dr. ‘Ahmed Al-Tayeb’ Sheikh Al-Azhar explained that the phenomenon of Islamophobia risks if religious institutions do not work in the East and the West together to address them, those risks will launch sails toward Christianity, Judaism and all religions, either sooner or later, demanding the religious institutions in the east and west to stand together up to the phenomenon of the abuse of Islam.
On Tuesday, ‘Al-Tayeb’, in his speech in the conference of Al-Azhar and the Council of Elders of Muslims, emphasized that critics of religions, atheists, and advertisers of the death of the gods, and the followers of communism and Nazism, and those seeking to bring globalization in place of nations and others, many of which are coming strongly and declare explicitly that the religion is the first to be removed from their way; because in their view it is the source of wars, there is no solution but to remove religion from the surface of the earth.
He continued: “These groups are silent the silence of the graves on those slain in the civil wars which were triggered by atheists and secular governors at the beginning of the last century and at the middle of it, although religion was not the cause of those wars, and that history has not harvested from the victims of religion since the era of pre-Islam to the present one-tenth of those victims who have been lost by millions for the sake of false prophecies.”

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Representative of Shiites at Al-Azhar conference calls Cairo and Tehran to adopt unity dialogue

Cairo – ‘Ahmed Tablan’, the representative of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council, called for Egypt and Iran to invite for a meeting of the Islamic and Arab unity for achieving unity of the Arab and Islamic states, pointing out that “the Arabs are divided and dispersed when they lost Egypt because it was the meeting point of Arab and Islamic reconciliations.”
‘Tablan’ in his word in Al-Azhar Conference and the Council of Elders of the Muslim “freedom and citizenship … diversity and integration” now held in Cairo, “We are not asking Muslims to retrieve Jerusalem now, but we pray to Allah, because Jerusalem was lost when we stepped away from it”, pointing out that the philosophy of Allah by prophecy, and all messages begin and end in human beings without discrimination in sex, race or belief.
“Tablan” explained, that he, as a Shiite Muslim, on the doctrine of Imam Jafar Sadeq, believes in Al-Azhar of principles that call for the preservation of the nation and stopping the bloodshed of its citizens and conserving them from the penetrations of wars and sectarian conflicts, stressing that Muslims must unite, whether they are Sunnis or Shiites, in the Arab world, and must come together under the leadership of Egypt so that the region could restore its past feats. 

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BIKINI FIRESTORM Woman atop endangered tortoise sparks outrage

A photo showing a bikini-clad woman straddling a 100-year-old endangered Galapagos tortoise in the British Virgin Islands has sparked outrage on Instagram, according to reports. Inside Edition on Friday quoted one horrified wildlife expert as saying, “These are incredibly rare animals. You should not be riding on its back. You could injure it, you could […]